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The TRITON Recreational

The TRITON will allow you to experience the joys of rebreather diving without the biggest inconvenience: the weight.


It is the lightest and most compact rebreather on the market. The design of the TRITON allows you to keep your familiar back-mounted configuration consisting of a BCD vest and a smaller tank.


Your tank, which can be reduced down to 6L / 40 cuft, will serve to supply the rebreather and as a bail-out.

You can upgrade in the future to a Sidemount set up in order to lighten your configuration.

Le recycleur Tritonen utilisation loisir
Le recycleur Triton en utilisatin plongée loisir

Recreational Configuration

The Triton 

Clips directly to your BCD.

Scuba tank

usual, the volume of your choice, from 6 L / 40 cuft to 15 L / 120 cuft.


will be used to clip the rebreather which is useful for your stability.

O2  Bottle

1.5 L to optimize weight and bulk.

The Recreational in sidemount

The evolution of your back mounted configuration to sidemount will make it easier before and after the dive due to the speed of donning and doffing of equipment. It will allow greater underwater mobility, improved hydrodynamics and a chance to discover the essence of diving in silence.

Le harnais Sidemount du recycleur Triton
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