The light and chest-mounted TRITON will clips on to your harness and connect to your twinset for a more engaged dive. These play the role of diluent and bail-out tank. The TRITON itself is supplied with oxygen by a small 1,5 liters aluminum tank.


This configuration improves safety and opens up a field of possibilities in terms of dive duration and redundancy.


The TRITON is designed to optimize all your dives from 0 to 100 m.

Le recycleur Triton en utilisation plongée Tek
Le recycleur Triton en utilisation plongée Tek

Configuration Tek


used to feed the TRITON as diluent and also serves as a bail-out.

Wing, harness, plate

The Triton 

clips directly on the rings of your back harness.

Bouteille d'O


1,5 liters to optimize weight and bulk.

can be used to clip the rebreather which is useful for your safety and increased stability.

The Tek in sidemount

The evolution of your back-mounted configuration to the side-mounted will make it easier before and after the dive due to the speed of equipment. It will allow greater underwater mobility, improved hydrodynamics and a chance to discover the essence of diving with total aquaticity.

Le harnais Sidemount du recycleur Triton