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4 months of happiness in Triton!

The 2019 diving show has arrived and many of you will be visiting the M3S team to inquire about the Triton rebreather. So on this occasion, I wanted to share with you my Tritonian experience after 4 months of travel aboard my racing sailboat as comfortable as a Roman chariot…

During my dives in the Canary Islands I had the opportunity to discuss and present the Triton to many divers, whether they were recreational divers or tek divers.

Recreational divers often wonder what this funny beast is! Diving with a “thing” on their stomachs always surprises them. My big game is to wait for them to be equipped and to clip the Triton on their leisure stab! They then understand the simplicity of implementing this little toy. And at that moment I didn't even say the word "rebreather".

I just explain to them that thanks to this pretty belly bag they can dive longer while optimizing their decompression and therefore their safety. Without forgetting of course that before leaving to have fun with the Triton it is necessary to follow an adapted training with a Triton instructor.

For Tek divers the approach is quite different... I tend to make myself very small (it's easier with a Triton...). Explanations, justifications, big discussions are worth nothing! Let's go diving instead... After dives of more than 2 hours when everyone is back on the boat, the questions start to arise on their own...

Got any oxy left? Can I wear it to see? How deep can you go with it? …

All of these tek divers flew in from Europe with their machine, which usually results in a few complications. Back at the dive center I explain to them how a Triton prepares to take the plane… The reactions are clear!

At the technical level, I have not encountered any problems since my departure. I am traveling with a 1976 racing sailboat, very spartan, with no direct access to water, no rigid ladder to get back on board and little space to prepare and store diving equipment. In two words, not suitable for recreational or tek diving. And yet, the size, the weight and the ease in handling the Triton allowed me to enjoy beautiful dives on my trip without asking myself any questions... In short, diving in a rebreather from a racing sailboat becomes possible thanks to my Triton!

Be a Triton, Be a Diver!

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