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A Triton around the Atlantic

The Triton is going to travel! And you can follow it...! For almost a year Valéry PLATON will sail around the Atlantic Ocean aboard his sailboat Canquin. A nice project with a nice message…  

The M3S team offered him a partnership for an unusual adventure experience all along his journey: following a year of diving with a Triton rebreather on a sailboat. The main objective is to take stock of a Triton after a year of intensive use in sometimes spartan conditions and above all to make you dream by following the adventures of Valéry all along his way!

On the program: Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Lesser Antilles archipelago, Azores and many surprises in anticipation...

Over the past few months, under the watchful eye of our team, Valéry has built his Triton himself. After a complete training he trained all summer by diving with his Triton in order to know his machine better.

The little extra… Valéry will come to meet the lucky ones who will cross his path. He will introduce you to the Triton, its advantages and its different configurations. The dates of the stops will be communicated to you as it travels. Imagine yourself on the deck of a sailboat dissecting this little toy that is the Triton. We are delighted with this partnership and look forward to following the adventures of Valéry and his CCR Triton which, for a year, will wear the colors of our company. Good wind and especially good “no bubbles! ".   Learn more about the Atlantic Spirit project "Let's fight against sickle cell disease" (link to project site) Follow the project on Facebook:  Follow us on Facebook: CCR Triton

Valery Platon portrait:

Valéry has been passionately dedicated to the sea for the past 20 years, working as a photographer and scuba diving instructor. Having enjoyed sailing since he was a young teenager, he has traveled many nautical miles on the Caribbean Sea and in the Mediterranean in both motorboat and sailboat.

Currently based in La Ciotat, in the south of France, his work revolves around photography, web design and the management of communication projects.

The Atlantic Spirit project is a summary of his passions and skills. A dreamer with his feet on the ground, or rather at sea... The unfolding of this adventure had to make sense to him, and it was quite natural that he chose to put his know-how, his energy and than the sail and hull of his sailboat to fight alongside a dynamic association against sickle cell disease, the world's leading genetic disease.

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