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Atlantic Spirit in the Canary Islands

A Triton in the Canary Islands

A little review after a few weeks spent in the Canary Islands and a few hours spent with the Triton underwater.

As expected, the Triton proved to be a valuable ally when diving from a Spartan sailboat like Canquin. It is important to understand that Canquin is a 1970s regatta sailboat and is absolutely not suitable for yachting or cruising. Most modern recreational sailboats have transoms that allow getting into the water with great ease.

I would never have been able to dive with another rebreather sometimes weighing several tens of kilos. Thanks to the smallness and lightness of the Triton, it becomes possible to dive in a rebreather from a boat initially not intended for diving.

A great dive in the Canary Islands

There is a very wide variety of dives in the Canary Islands, drop-offs, caves, wrecks... The most atypical and extraordinary, for me, the one I want to tell you about, is that of the Museo Atlantico.

Located in the south of the island of Lanzarote, the Museo Atlantico was inaugurated in January 2017. It is made up of 300 silhouettes sculpted by the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor submerged by 12 meters deep. This museum was designed as a place for the preservation, conservation and education of the marine environment and nature. At first glance, this dive looks like a tourist trap, but it is actually a must dive with a strong sensitivity to environmental preservation and underwater art.

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