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D R E A M .

" Three minutes of pure rebreather diving bliss"

D R E A M .

Diving Rebreather Emotion And Motion .

Who has never dreamed about long steep descents in the blue towards a gorgeous wreck or along a vertiginous drop off?

DREAM . Immerses yourself in a fascinating universe where the diver is at the center of your attention. This diver could be you or from your imagination. Shot in the Mediterranean Sea in september DREAM. also puts the CCR Triton at the core: light and small, it provides a greater fluidity in the water.

We invite you to initiate yourself to the Triton rebreather experience to discover this new world of silence where there is no bubbles nor breathing sounds and all the pure sensations !

DREAM. comes from the imagination of our brand ambassador Valéry PLATON :

« Since I dive with the Triton, I retrieved the happiness of longer dives while keeping everything light and smooth in the water. It was full of sense for me to make a short movie about this rebreather « back to the roots » style.»

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