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New stuff for 2019 !!

Some of you had the chance to discover them at the Paris Dive show in last January, here are the 4 big novelties for 2019 explained:

Of course, these parts are from now mounted on all Tritons !

  • HUD bracket

The HUD bracket is now adjustable in height and laterally. It fits perfectly on the loop. 

It parts are also the base for the Triton NERD2 bracket.

  • FlowStop (Shutoff valve)

We have designed our own Flowstop to be able to choose the Opening way. Thus, it improves the safety and is more logic. 

Now, the opening is done by pushing the sliding ring regarding the gaz flow. To close it, you need to pull the ring against the gas flow.

Moreover, this closing way is increasing safety of the diver as when disconnecting the BCD Diluent, if the Sliding ring is pulled, the Flowstop is closed. 

Following the same path for robustness, the Flowstop is now in marine grade stainless steel, with a knurled delrin sliding ring.

  • ADV

We have developed our own ADV to increase its compatibility with 1st stages that have very different low pressures. Moreover, its sensitivity knob allows the diver, during the dive, to adjust the softness of the ADV. It can be settle as from « soft » for descent phases, up to «  hard » for the regular diving, when the diver wants to work on the minimal loop volume without having to close the Flowstop. 

This ADV is fully compliant with the requirements of the CE EN14143 : 2013 norm.

  • Kevlar Bag

Thanks to a lot of remarks that we have received about the ergonomic of the Kevlar bag, we have developed a new bag with two main improvements:

  •     A zip is positioned on the back side upper edge. This allows the diver to route much more streamline the cables for the monox, petrel, nerd and HUD.

  •     The bag front panel is now removable thanks to two separable zips, and thus can be exchanged for another one in another color, or to be embroidered with a personal logo for example.

The front panel is now available in new colors: Blue classic Kevlar, Black classic Kevlar (these two materials are the same basis as the actual red Kevlar) and a Silver grey Cordura. 

Bag fronts will therefore be available in: Black HD Kevlar (the original one), Blue classic Kevlar, Red classic Kevlar, Black classic Kevlar, Silver grey Cordura. 

The frame and back side of the bag remains in the same actual black Kevlar (designated as « Black HD Kevlar »).

You can find all theses novelties in our online shop to personalize your Triton !

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