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Travel with your ccr Triton

Voyager avec son Triton est très simple. To take it in cabin baggage it is possible to optimize even more its storage.

In this little tutorial, I will explain how I condition my TRITON so that it takes up the least possible space.

The first step is to disassemble the threaded rod inside the filter. We will take care to screw the wing nut to the threaded rod so as not to lose it.

Inside the canister, place the filter first at the bottom, then insert the threaded rod on one side of the filter taking care not to damage the hydrophobic membranes.

We put the expiratory counter lung with the mounting nuts and the clips. Let's not lose the clips of the connections of the false inspiratory lung we add them in the filter.

We can slide in the filter also the cable, the charger as well as the emergency kit.

The stainless steel mobile grill is placed on the top of the filter. Thus conditioned, we close the canister as usual when using it for diving.

We connect the filter to the inspiratory counter lung which is installed in the bag normally.

In the absence of the exhalation lung (which is inside the filter), we slide the loop instead.

In order to protect the cell door, we connect it to its usual location and electronically deposit it in the bag, between the loop and the inspiratory false lung. Finally we put the whole line of gas on top.

We detach the strap used to hold the bottle and slide it into the bag. The carabiners used to hold the TRITON are tied together in pairs.

The bag thus conditioned weighs a little under 7 kg if we do not have Petrel 2, and a little more than 7 kg with it.

Pay attention when reassembling the threaded rod. Be careful to put the rod back in the nets so as not to damage them and not to over tighten.

Have a good trip and a good dive with your TRITON.

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